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What is a BioBlitz? A BioBlitz is a communal event where community scientists record as many species of plant and animal life as possible in a designated place and time.  All members of the public are invited to join and become community  scientists. The BioBlitz will engage residents to explore their local green spaces and see that Jersey City is not just a great place for people, but for local biodiversity as well. Importantly, this initiative will provide data on the biodiversity within our city’s limits.

How does a BioBlitz work? Greener JC will be partnering with community organizations to lead nature walks within several green spaces and parks throughout the City. Team leaders (individuals who have local knowledge of a particular park) will organize an approximately 1-hour walk designed to showcase the park and facilitate observations of flora and fauna. Ideally groups will consist of 10-20 individuals. Nature walks can be scheduled throughout the day depending on team leader’s interests and availability. 

How do interested community members sign up? Interested community scientists can by following the "Sign Up" link on this page, or click here: Once registered, community scientists will be connected with a team leader to coordinate meeting location and other details. 

How will the data be recorded and used? Before attending a nature walk all community scientists and team leaders will be prompted to download the iNaturalist app on their phones. By uploading data to the iNaturalist app, participants will join the Greener JC  BioBlitz project which will store all data collected during the BioBlitz for future use. Once the nature walk begins and observations are generated, each group can decide which members submit observations to iNaturalist. If observed species cannot be identified by the group, a photo of the organism can be uploaded to iNaturalist and identified by experts thought the application. Shortly after the BioBlitz, Greener JC will compile all the data collected and issue a summary highlighting the number of species identified, species of importance, biodiversity rich areas, and community scientists effort. Depending of feedback and success of this event, Greener JC could host a BioBitz annually or at different times of year to continue to grow a data set of biodiversity in the city.

What if you can’t attend the May 4th event, but still want to be involved? Interested community scientists who cannot attend the May 4th BioBlitz, or participants who want to continue making observations after the event, are invited to contribute observations to the iNaturalist project starting on Earth Day, April 22nd. Through this event, Greener JC hopes to inspire Jersey City residents to continue observing biodiversity in their local green spaces throughout the year, not just on May 4th. 

What if it rains? Walks will be held in light rain, but in the case of heavy rain or inclement weather attempts will be made to hold identical time and location-specific walks on Sunday, May 5th. 

Intersted in Documenting Biodiversity in your Neighborhood?