Greener Jc

Supporting a more sustainable future in Jersey City

Our Mission

Greener JC is an environmental action organization committed to supporting a more sustainable future in Jersey City. The organization’s actions include but are not limited to, promoting waste and energy reduction through community outreach and educational actions, supporting sustainable development efforts, and facilitate partnerships to help the community be resilient in the face of global climate change. 

Greener JC is a registered 501(C)(3).

2019 Initiatives

  • Straw Reduction Campaign. With the assistance of ReThink Disposables, Greener JC launched a straw reduction campaign in September 2018. Please check back soon as we highlight participating businesses. 

  • Bio Blitz. Join a City-wide event to document the biodiversity in your backyard. Learn from scientists and local naturalists about the organisms living in your community while contributing to an international  effort to assess the diversity of life.

  • Facilitate a Reusable Bag Share Program. Jersey City will ban plastic bags as of June 28, 2019! In 2019, Greener JC will work with local businesses to promote a reusable bag share program. 

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